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Your Personal CFO

Easy Steps to Your Financial Freedom

1. Consult

2. Plan

3. Win

Why a Personal CFO?

Instead of hiring a full-time CFO for your business for a Six-Figure Salary (PLUS employment benefits, vacations, bonuses, etc), there is a Much Better Way.  Now as a business owner, you can hire a world-class CFO team at a fraction of the cost with these added benefits:

  1. Results Oriented with a Fixed Monthly Fee (Customized based on the companies needs)

  2. Accurate Reporting & Analysis through (Re)Building Efficient Accounting System

  3. No Extra Costs/ No Employment Taxes/ No Benefits/ No PTO/ No Office Politics

  4. Assist as a Trusted Higher Quality Advisor, Not Just a ‘Clock-In & Out’ Employee

  5. Tax Planning & Reporting Services for the Business and the Owner's Personal Tax 



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